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The Oceanographic Institute of Science and Technology of Korea (KIOST, for its acronym in English) is preparing for release into the sea Crabster a mechanical crab the size of a car designed to explore the ocean floor in difficult conditions.

The center has more than two years developing this prototype equipped with six-legged autonomous and more than 30 joints. The first prototypes of smaller scale were used to develop balance and drive system.

The traditional submersible vehicles have trouble staying stable in places where underwater currents are strong. On the other hand the drivers tend to lift dirt from the bottom, which impairs vision. Crabster is designed to withstand strong underwater currents, moving steadily at a slow but steady three miles per hour, without picking up sand or mud.

Equipped with a sonar,  with an effective range of 200 meters, and 10 spotlights cameras, Crabster also has two retractable multipurpose clips that hides in its first pair of legs, and a container in which you can save samples.

The vehicle will debut within a month to 200 meters deep. For now, Crabster not completely autonomous. A cable connected to its mother ship provides power and communications. Its creators are now studying how the real crustaceans swim for the vehicle to come off the seabed and move by itself without cables.

Source: KIOST  via: Gizmag

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